dimanche 28 mai 2017

Salfit’s ecosystem destabilized by Israeli sewage disposa

L'écosystème de Salfit déstabilisé par le système sioniste d'élimination des eaux usées


Ecologists have sounded alarm bells over the acute damage wrought by Israel’s sewage disposal pouring into the Palestinian al-Matwi valley, west of Salfit.

Reporting from the scene, a PIC news correspondent said Wadi al-Matwi (al-Matwi Valley) and the adjacent park have been terribly tainted by sewage waste spilling from the Israeli Ariel settlement outpost, built on Palestinian lands in Salfit.

Researcher Khaled Maali warned of the tragic fallouts of sewage waste, mingled with industrial chemicals, which has been pouring into Palestinian springs and streams.

The fauna and flora has also been severely damaged by untreated Israeli sewage disposal. A dramatic surge in the toxicity rate of Wadi al-Matwi’s soil and ground water forced dozens of farmers out of their own and only lands, Maali explained.

“Al-Matwi Valley, which had been one of Salfit’s natural masterpieces and a spring of prolific agricultural output, has been turned into a source of epidemics, infectious diseases, insects, rodents, pigs, and stench,” the researcher added.

Maali called on the concerned national and international environment institutions to pop in Salfit so as to scrutinize the damage and take urgent action as regards Israel’s systematic intoxication of Palestinian environment and natural scenery.


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