lundi 29 mai 2017

Israeli government holds its session in al-Buraq square

Le gouvernement sioniste tient sa session au square al Buraq


The Israeli government held its weekly session on Sunday near al-Buraq Wall square in Occupied Jerusalem to mark the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the city and approved a new Judaization scheme with a budget of 50 million shekels, according to the website of the Hebrew TV Channel Seven.

Maariv newspaper reported that the Israeli government approved a plan of a 50-million-shekel budget for the development of the Old City in Jerusalem and the construction of underground elevators and passages that reach the Jewish Quarter and al-Buraq Wall.

The scheme requires large-scale excavations under al-Buraq square, which threatens the Arab and Islamic archeological sites in the area.

The Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter, "The government's weekly meeting was held today in the tunnels under the Western Wall (al-Buraq Wall) and we have made several decisions that will strengthen the steadfastness of Jerusalem, our capital."

The scheme approved by the government also includes the construction of an air-train linking the Jerusalem train station to al-Buraq Wall in order to facilitate the movement of 130,000 Israelis to al-Buraq Square. The distance of the 40-car train will be 1,400 meters and it will run at a speed of 21 kilometers per hour.

The Israeli government has intensified in the recent years its Judaization projects in Occupied Jerusalem in an attempt to impose a Jewish fait accompli in the city. 

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