mardi 30 mai 2017

Israel approves plan to teach Israeli curriculum in Palestinian schools

"Israel" approuve un plan pour enseigner le programme d'études sioniste dans les écoles palestiniennes

Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY 

 Israeli cabinet approved Sunday a plan to expand teaching Israeli curriculum in Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem for the next five years.

The plan stated to increase the classes of first grade that will be taught the Israeli curriculum and increase the number of those eligible for the Israeli Bagrut certificate parallel to the Palestinian Tawjihi certificate.

According to Haaretz , the plan ,which proposed by the Israeli minister of education Naftali Bennett and the minister of Jerusalem affairs Ze'ev Elkin , stated to give economic incentives to schools that teach the Israeli curriculum, while the schools that do not apply this plan do not get an increase in their budgets.

The Israeli occupation government will form a committee to put a plan to apply the Israeli curriculum in the schools in east Jerusalem and the process of funding it.

The Israeli ministry of education claimed in a statement that the plan aims to improve the life quality in the Arab communities in Jerusalem and to enhance their integration in the Israel economic and community.

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