mercredi 17 mai 2017

Impacts of Nakba on Palestinian prisoners: Hamdouna

L'impact de la Nakba sur les prisonniers palestiniens: Hamdouna

Gaza, ALRAY - The Prisoner’s Center for Studies called upon international and human rights organizations to put Israel on trial for its continuous crimes against Palestinians since 1948 war, asserting that the cause of prisoners is one among the most important impacts of the Nakba.

The center stated in a press release on Monday that Israel detained approximately one million Palestinians since the creation of Israel at the expense of Palestinian people who have been expelled from their own homeland.

Head of the Prisoners’ Center for Studies, Raafat Hamdouna said that the Nakba’s worst hangover is the cause of about a million Palestinian prisoners of those who have been in Israeli detentions since the 1948 war till now, including those who have been massacred after detention.

Hamdouna added that in the day, which marks the Palestinian Nakba Day, we remember the 7000 Palestinian prisoners who are serving different sentences in Israeli jails, including a 70-year-old Palestinian, an under-18-year-old child and several patients who are suffering from deterioration of their health conditions and living the hard reality of the Nakba during detention.

Hamdouna indicated to the ongoing mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners for the 30th days in a row to meet their fair and simple demands approved within the frame of international conventions and human rights laws and treaties, confirming that the prisoners’ life are now in a serious danger.

Hamdouna also said that Israel Prison Service (IPS) committed grave breaches against hunger striking Palestinian prisoners by expropriating their personal belongings, cloths, and other various materials from their cells, including salt.

The IPS also implement a series of punitive actions against those who are leading the strike including putting them into solitary confinement.

Hamdouna noted that Palestinian prisoners are subjected to harsh and dire detention conditions and are treated inhumanely in Israeli jails.

He pointed out that the number of sick prisoners in Israeli jails has increased to about 1,800 Palestinians, as a result of deliberate medical negligence, including those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Hamdouna revealed that all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are subjected to one form or another of physical and psychological torture.

He added that Palestinian women prisoners are ill-treated and subjected to grave violations, most notably the brutal method of arrest and torture against them.

Hamdouna also noted that Israel’s actions against Palestinian children, who are currently held in Israeli jails, violates all international laws and human rights conventions that help protect those children from abuse and any other form of violations.

Hamdouna called upon international and human rights organizations to urgently intervene to save the Palestinian prisoners currently held in Israeli jails, and to expose Israel’s violations against them.

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