vendredi 12 mai 2017

Haneyya calls for restoring national unity and partnership

Haneyya appelle à rétablir l'union nationale et le partenariat


Head of Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haneyya, called for restoring national unity and boosting partnership. He praised Birzeit University elections process in which the Islamic bloc, the student wing of Hamas Movement, had won the elections.

In a phone call on Thursday during the ceremony of the Islamic bloc after winning the elections, Haneyya said this victory affirms the adherence of the Palestinian people to the choice of resistance and proves that all the attempts to eradicate Hamas and the Islamic bloc in the West Bank have failed.

Haneyya hailed the Palestinian hunger striking detainees in Israeli jails as well as the families of martyrs especially the martyrs of Birzeit University: most prominent among whom was Yahya Ayyash.

The Islamic bloc at Birzeit University won the student council elections with 25 seats, out of 51 seats, against 22 seats for Fatah Movement and 4 seats for other blocs.

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