mardi 30 mai 2017

Gaza Energy Authority asks PA government to fulfill its promises

L'Autorité des Energies de Gaza demande au gouvernement de l'AP de tenir ses promesses


The Gaza Energy Authority affirmed on Monday that it has fully agreed on the conditions of the Palestinian Authority (PA) government passed through mediators to solve the electricity crisis.

The Energy Authority said in a statement that the statements of the head of the Authority of Energy and Natural Resources in the PA government, Zafer Melhem, on empowering the PA government brings the crisis back to the political arena.

It pointed out that 69 of its employees work for the PA government, noting that it has constantly invited the PA government to participate in the board of directors of the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company, without any response so far.

Deputy head of the Gaza Energy Authority, Fathi Sheikh Khalil, revealed in a press conference on Sunday that his Authority has agreed on all the conditions and observations set by the PA to agree to solve the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip and supply tax-free fuel to operate the Gaza power plant but has not received any response yet.

Gaza now lives on a schedule of less than 4 hours of electricity a day after the Gaza power plant was shut down due to the depletion of fuel, the imposition of taxes on the fuel sold to Gaza by the PA and the non-payment of dues to the Israeli government.

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