lundi 29 mai 2017

3602 new births and 296 deaths in April: Gaza Strip

3602 naissances et 296 décès en avril : bande de Gaza

Gaza, ALRAY -- The Gaza Strip witnessed 3,260 new births, with an average of 120 births per day. In contrast, the civil registry offices registered 296 cases of death during the same month, with 10 deaths per day.

According to statistics released by the General Administration of Civil Status in the Ministry of the Interior, 51% of April births were males, with 1820 new births, compared with 49% females, with 1,782 births.

The internal status offices in the northern Gaza Strip registered 632 births, while the internal status offices in the central district reached 490 births. The civil status of the Rafah internal administration reached 439 new births.

According to the Civil Status report, 117 cases of death were reported to the Interior Ministry offices in Gaza city, while the civil status in Khan Younis recorded 53 death notifications.

It is worth mentioning that the Gaza Strip saw 3 thousands and 850 newborns during March, compared to 278 reported deaths.

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