vendredi 7 avril 2017

Palestinians Abroad Conference to activate its recommendations

La Conférence des Palestinens à l'Etranger doit activer ses recommandations


Palestinians Abroad Conference Secretariat General will hold meetings on Friday in Beirut in order to activate the conference recommendations. The meetings aim at forming committees and various executive bodies.

The Conference Deputy Secretary-General, Hisham Abu Mahfouth, pointed out that the Chairman of the General Assembly of the Conference, Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, and Secretary General, Munir Shafiq, are attending the first meeting that will officially produce the General Secretariat of the Conference.

The Conference General Secretariat will form a group of committees including, the committee of return, woman, media and public relations as well as youth, identity and other files.

The upcoming meetings will address the political moves to be led by the conference especially in light of the news about a new policy being prepared for resuming the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, suspended since June, 2014.

Palestinians Abroad Conference was held on February 25-26 in Istanbul, with the participation of over 6,000 Palestinians. It aimed at activating the role of diasporic Palestinians, over 6 million people, in the decision-making process with regards to the Palestinian Question. 

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