jeudi 13 avril 2017

Israel Admits Losing Nearly All Bodies of Palestinian Martyrs It Holds

"israel" admet perdre presque tous les corps des martyrs palestiniens qu'il détient

Hundreds marched demanding Israel to
 return bodies of Palestinians. (Photo: Maan)

The Israeli authorities have admitted on Monday it had lost the bodies of Palestinian martyrs it holds of Palestinians who were buried in what Israel calls ‘the cemeteries of numbers.’
Haaretz Israeli Newspaper said “the Israeli authorities entrusted Israeli companies to bury the bodies of Palestinian martyrs in the 90s. However, the only thing that was found is their burial places,” adding, “the documents related to the issue were torn.”

These confessions were voiced in the Public Prosecution’s response to the petition filed by families of Palestinian martyrs to the High Court to receive the bodies of their sons, according to the newspaper.

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