mercredi 19 avril 2017

Gaza in numbers after 11 years of stifling blockade and continuous aggression

Gaza en quelques chiffres après 11 ans de blocus étouffant et d'agression continue

• Poverty rate in Gaza Strip 65%

• Unemployment rate 43% and among youth 63.8%

• 72% of Palestinian families in Gaza Strip suffer from food insecurity

• 4600 family still homeless due to the mechanism of rebuilding Gaza

• 5000 family live in tents and plastic houses or so called " old room"

• 85% of the Palestinian families in Gaza Strip depend on aid provided by International NGOS

• 95% of ground water in Gaza Strip undrinkable

• Electricity outage in Gaza Strip reaches some times 16 H per day

• 30% shortage in drugs and disposables

• 70% of the universities students are not able to pay the fees

• 20,000 is the number of orphans in Gaza Strip

• 3000 divorce cases per year in Gaza Strip

• 44,000 person are suffering from different kind of disability

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