mercredi 8 mars 2017

Ministry calls for urgent action to release women from Israeli jails

Le ministère appelle à une action urgente pour libérer les femmes des prisons sionistes


The Palestinian Ministry of Culture called on the national and international human rights institutions to urgently work on releasing Palestinian female detainees from Israeli jails.

In a Wednesday statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture hailed the role played by the Palestinian woman in the national liberation struggle.

“The Palestinian woman has had a mark of its own in all fields, including art, literature, culture, and resistance,” the statement read.

The ministry added that the Palestinian woman has always shown a deep-seated commitment to her identity, geo-historical roots, socio-cultural legacy, and the right to return to her motherland.

The ministry called on all cultural and human rights institutions to speak for women’s infringed rights, boost women’s role in the anti-occupation struggle, and shed light on the achievements made by Palestinian women under the Israeli occupation.

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