mercredi 8 mars 2017

Israeli cops prevent repair of entry gate at Muslims’ 3rd holiest site

La police sioniste empêche la réparation du portail du troisième lieu saint musulman


The Israeli police on Wednesday morning prevented al-Aqsa Mosque personnel from repairing the gate of the Qibli place of worship and arrested two staff members.

The Israeli police arrested al-Aqsa staff members Issa al-Dabagh and engineer Basam al-Halaq as they headed to the Qibli Mosque to repair its entrance gate.

At the same time, 23 Israeli settlers, escorted by police troops, stormed the plazas of al-Aqsa Mosque via the Maghareba Gate as part of the morning break-in shift.

The Israeli settlers performed sacrilegious rituals at the holy site, stirring furor among the Muslim worshipers and sit-inners.

Meanwhile, the Israeli forces broke into al-Rahma Cemetery, adjacent to al-Aqsa Mosque, and prevented Palestinian mourners from digging a grave to bury their Muslim relative. 

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