mardi 28 mars 2017

Investigation Committee recommends to take legal actions against Ramallah police chief

Le Comité d'enquête recommande d'engager des poursuites contre le chef de la police de Ramallah

West Bank, ALRAY - The investigation committee formed to consider the events that happened in front of the courts complex in Ramallah during the trial session of the martyr Basel al-A’raj, recommended Tuesday to take the legal actions against the Ramallah police chief and the commander of the special field police unit.

Palestinian security services quelled on 12, March a march protesting the trial, so that an investigation committee is formed of the undersecretary of Interior Ministry Mohammed Mansour, Director General of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Ammar Dweik, and the head of the Bar Association Hussein Shabaneh.

The committee accomplished the final report of the investigations and handed it to the prime minister Rami Hamedallah.

The Committee recommended to take a disciplinary action against a security officer in civilian dress who had beaten a citizen.

It also recommended to remove the spokesperson of the security services for his position as the general political commissioner, after describing the protesters as mercenaries.

The committee recommended the field officers not to use violence in dealing with peaceful protests.

It also recommended to compensate those journalists who were beaten and their equipment were damaged. It also recommended to form a communication line between the interior ministry and the Journalists Syndicate to address the problems that face the journalists in the field and when dealing with security forces.

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