vendredi 31 mars 2017

In land day, resistance is the only way to liberate land and man: Hamas

Lors de la Journée de la terre, la résistance est le seul moyen de libérer la terre et l'homme - le Hamas

Gaza, ALRAY -- The movement of the Islamic resistance, Hamas, stressed that that the only way to liberate the land and man is the resistance’s path, indicating that there is no future for bargaining, or survival of occupation.

In a press statement issued on the 41th anniversary of Palestinian land day, the movement said that “whoever sows thorns of assassination will reap the wrath of revenge. The occupation will understand tomorrow, if he did not understand yesterday or today, that our people are free and their resistance is cruel to the blood, which does not forget or forgive and does not leave the perpetrator unpunished. "

Hamas pointed out that the Land Day is a point of unanimity among all Palestinian factions and Palestinian forces, noting that the stability of the region around linked to the stability of Palestine.

The movement stressed that the crimes of Israeli occupation and its provocations and aggression against our sons and holy sites its racist behavior, if was not deterred, it will blow the region and will be a burden on international peace in the world.

Hamas called to make the land Day anniversary as a starting point for a real reconciliation inspired by the blood of the martyrs, with the adherence to rights and refusing to give up any grain of Palestinian sand, as well as refusing to cooperate or coordinate with the occupation at any cost.

The movement called on the Arab nation, leaders and peoples, to make the Palestinian cause their central cause, where all their contradictions and differences should be melted on its rocks.

In the same time, Hamas pointed out that the issue of Palestine is the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, which united the nation in many times after decades of division, weakness and dispersion.

On land day, Hamas paid tribute to the Martyrs and to the Martyr Commander Mazen Fukha and all the martyrs of Palestine, the heroic prisoners, the Palestinian people, the free people of the nation and the world.

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