mercredi 29 mars 2017

5 Muslim guards at al-Aqsa to be brought to Israeli court

5 gardes musulmans à Al-Aqsa doivent être traduits devant la justice sioniste


Five Palestinian guards at al-Aqsa Mosque are to be brought to an Israeli court on Wednesday.

A PIC news correspondent said five guards, among 11 arrested by the Israeli forces over the past couple of days, will be put on trial at Israel’s Central Court, in Occupied Jerusalem.

Arab MK Ahmed al-Tibi (Joint Arab List) slammed the Israeli police for arresting al-Aqsa guards, who thwarted a stone-theft attempt by an Israeli archaeologist at the Mosque.

Al-Tibi condemned the simmering Israeli crackdowns against al-Aqsa supervision staff, adding that the guards will never succumb to such terror tactics and will continue to do whatever it takes to protect the holy site against the mounting Israeli aggressions.

Al-Tibi warned of the serious repercussions of such Israeli practices at and around al-Aqsa Mosque and called for immediately releasing the Aqsa guards. 

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