mardi 28 juin 2016

Jordanian government condemns ongoing Israeli violations against Al Aqsa

Le gouvernement jordanien condamne les violations sionistes continues sur Al-Aqsa

File photo of Al-Aqsa 

MosqueAmman, Alray - The Jordanian government condemned the ongoing Israeli violations against Al Aqsa Mosque, the latest of which was when a number of Israeli
forces broke into the Haram al-Sharif yards, and attacked the worshipers and staff of the Al-Aqsa guards.

The Israeli soldiers used rubber bullets and stun grenades, etc. They also put restrictions on the entry of worshipers to the mosque.

The Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani said in a press release for an immediate cessation of all these unexplained escalation procedures, "Israel", as an occupying power, should respect the historical attitude of the Al-Aqsa mosque,” he added.

He stressed that it is absolutely unacceptable and condemned because these practices are inconsistent with all international norms and conventions, which calls to ensure freedom of worship and respect for the holy places.

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