jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Adalah accuses Israeli soldiers of torturing child from Gaza

Adalah accuse les soldats "israéliens" d'avoir torturé des enfants de Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights Adalah has said it has sent letters to top Israeli officials to urge them to investigate the reported abuse of a Palestinian child, who was detained on September 24, 2015 by Israeli soldiers in a border area with Gaza.

The letters, which was sent to the government's legal advisor and the military attorney general by Adalah based on information from al-Mizan Center for Human Rights, said that Israeli soldiers maltreated and tortured a child from Gaza during his detention.

"After they encircled and ordered him to strip naked, one of the soldiers removed a harness from a dog and unleashed it, which attacked the child and bit him in his right arm as the soldiers were standing nearby and laughing, and then the dog injured him in his left hand," the letters read.

According to the letters, the soldiers took the child to a military base and forced him to sign a document in Hebrew, without him knowing its content.

Later, the soldiers physically assaulted the child and detained him for long hours without providing him with any food or drink before he was transferred to Barzilai hospital and then released to Gaza, where was given extensive medical care, the letters explained further.

The letters were enclosed with medical reports confirming the child's exposure to physical and psychological torture by the soldiers. 

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