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"Sisi's sea"... part of Israeli scheme to turn Gaza into an island (report)

La mer de Sisi... fait partie du plan israélien de transformer Gaza en île (rapport)

"Sisi’s sea" as referred to by activists on social network pages in their talk about the waterway that the Egyptian military is digging on the borders with Gaza Strip, is not an "Egyptian-planned sea"; basically, it is the first part of an old Israeli scheme to turn Gaza into a "hostile island", separating it geographically and isolating it in the middle of water.

Implementing this scheme on the ground, however, was postponed several times without obvious reasons.

It was found in the archive of 2004 of "Yediot Ahronot" Hebrew newspaper that the Israeli Ministry of War has announced a tender between companies on the project of drilling a buffering-water canal along the border with Egypt or the so-called Philadelphia line, to meet the security assessments that pointed at the time to the accelerated pace of smuggling weapons from Sinai and to the increasing security risks in the long term because of that, and to the risk of digging more tunnels if the borders remained open.

The newspaper quoted Israeli officials as saying that the canal to be dug stretches 4 kilometers long and ranges between 15 to 25 meters depth. But implementing the canal will put financial burdens on the state treasury and will cause many security risks during the implementation of the project. Therefore; there must be teams from the Israeli army allocated to follow up the work and to keep the Israeli companies working on the project safe, the paper added.

Israeli scheme
Hence it is clear that the current Egyptian project is only part of the Israeli scheme that was postponed until finding an "ally" from the Egyptian authority to bear the burden. But the Zionist project is not limited to isolate Gaza from Egypt only; it also extends to the border between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948.

In this context; "The Marker", an economic Hebrew newspaper, confirmed in a report in July 2014 that the Israeli Ministry of War had completed a comprehensive scheme on the project since 2001, developed by a number of experts, including Professor Joseph Hazor, head of the geology department at Ben-Gurion University and his colleague, Professor Haim Gabritzmann, hydrology expert at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The scheme developed by experts was described as 100% effective as it guarantees the removal of potential threat of tunnels between Gaza and the 1948 occupied territories and between Egypt and Gaza.

The researchers conducted studies and experiments in the areas to the south of 1958 occupied Palestine for more than 4 years costing the Department of Army more than 300,000 dollars. As a result they have founded a mechanism to drench the tunnels with groundwater which guarantees that any future tunnels will collapse by themselves. The experiments claimed a 90% success rate.

The tunnels used in the last war on Gaza revived the project
In spite of the fact that the Israeli security services are aware of the existence of tunnels between Gaza Strip and the Egyptian borders, yet they put the project on hold, until the last war broke out against the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 in which the Israeli occupation army was astounded by the huge number of tunnels the Palestinian resistance had used, resulting in many moral and material damage and loss of life in the Israeli military ranks.

Israel then began to study the project anew, and it seemed that there were communications with the Egyptian authority to cooperate in implementing the project.

After less than two months of the end of the last Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisi announced the beginning of implementing a scheme of "hollowing out" the population of the Egyptian city of Rafah, a prelude to the establishment of the buffer zone, which includes the water canal that ensures separating Gaza from the Egyptian Rafah city.

Here a question arises: Will Israel carry out its part of the scheme and turn Gaza into an island?

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