samedi 26 septembre 2015

Hayya: Palestinians required to work together for al-Aqsa

Hayya : Les palestiniens doivent travailler ensemble pour al-Aqsa


 Palestinians are required more than ever to combine forces and back up resistance against the Israeli occupation, political bureau member of Hamas Khalil al-Hayya said Thursday.

Addressing the Muslim congregation during the Khutba (sermon) of Eid al-Adha in central Gaza, Hayya said the Palestinian people should join forces and stand up for the holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

“We’re at a crossroads; either we work together in the face of the occupation or else we would forfeit our cause, our tenets, and our holy al-Aqsa.”

He slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) for monopolizing the act of decision-making.

“A bench of oppressors has been tightening grip around our people’s neck not only in Gaza and the holy al-Aqsa but also everywhere around the globe,” he said.

“What on earth could be more oppressive than desecrating our holy al-Aqsa, attacking the peaceful Muslim sit-inners, killing our children, and abusing our freedom of worship?” Hayya wondered.

“Why has Gaza been denied the right to medicines, water, and electricity? What have been its flora and water ruined for?” he added.

Commenting on the prisoners’ issue, Hayya said their cause will remain at the heart of Hamas’ and Palestinians’ main concerns, vowing that the resistance factions will do whatever it takes to restore their freedom.

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