mardi 31 mars 2015

Zahhar: The W. Bank is the strategic reserve for the liberation of Palestine

Zahhar : La Cisjordanie est la réserve stratégique pour la libération de la Palestine


 Member of Hamas's political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar said the West Bank is the strategic reserve for the liberation of Palestine and urged its residents not to surrender to the Palestinian Authority's (PA) security collaboration with the occupation.

Zahhar made his remarks during a political meeting held in Salahuddin Mosque in Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian arena.

The Hamas official stated that the Palestinian resistance in Gaza was able to develop its weapons to confront the occupation following the last war and would never hand them over to any party.

He also said that the resistance became a target for the occupation inside and outside Palestine because of the PA's cooperation with the occupation.

As for the relations between Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Zahhar asserted that the relationship between the two Movements became stronger and improved at all levels, including the security coordination.

He also talked about his Movement's relations with regional countries and highlighted that such relations should be promoted without affecting the resistance program.

For his part, senior Islamic Jihad official Mohamed al-Hindi criticized the PA for clinging to new illusions and wagering on some Israeli leaders to make a difference in the political process.

He called on the PA leadership to talk frankly to their people about the failure of their Oslo-based political project and step down to make way for the new Palestinian blood.

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