dimanche 1 février 2015

A sack of flour for Gaza, it is not much but it is also a lot…

 By Collectif Cheikh Yassine 

The children of Gaza are hungry! They need our help right now and it is right now that each one of us can help. We can do so by donating money via MoneyGram without any intermediaries.

Picture of the « A Sack of Flour for Gaza 2015 » campaign, Collectif Cheikh Yassine 

In Gaza, a 110 lbs. sack of flour costs about €24, and we want every family in need to receive one in the upcoming days. So will we rise to the occasion? Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) told us that Muslims are supportive as if they made one body, so let us honor our Prophet (peace be upon him) in these days when others honor his blasphemy backed by millions of euros.

Each one of us must take it upon themselves to talk about it to friends and family, and collect donations to be sent, for each according to one’s means.
How to proceed? 

The situation in Gaza is worse than it has ever been with the cold and rain under the rubble, and the inhumane and criminal blockade that does not allow for any kind of decent life. Our sisters and brothers in Gaza are dying quietly beneath the indifferent stare of the whole world!

Many ask: how can we help? The fact of the matter is that in recent years, any monetary donations collected by big organizations do not reach Gaza because of the blockade, and when they do reach it, they get in with years of delay…

Thus the only way to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza in an EFFICIENT, IMMEDIATE and DIRECT way is the way that has been set up in recent months.

Indeed, the heads of Collectif Cheikh Yassine, by their activist work on the field for many years, were able to build a strong and sustainable relationship with the Palestinians; a link that allowed to get to know more closely the actual situation and the needs of a good number of families.

For many years, Palestinian civil society following our actions here in France and who trust us, have been asking us to deal with the humanitarian aspect of the cause, something we always refused to do. But, given the situation in Gaza and the fact that millions of euros from NGOs are blocked and can only come through in trickles, we are obliged to find another alternative than that of NGOs to deliver our aid.

Hence the idea that each donor can do it on their own, and send donations directly to families in need through MoneyGram.

Thus, any person wishing to help can contact us at this email address:

in order to get the contact information of a family in Gaza. Afterward, you can send your donation in a MoneyGram agency near your home, and then return to us the code that we then transfer to Gaza. The Palestinian family will be able to withdraw the money the same very day and use it immediately, without counting out NGOs’ running costs, which sometimes exceed 30% of the donation.

Many donors have understood the importance of such an approach when it comes to the kind of help they want to give the Palestinians, and how important it is that this assistance reaches them as fast as possible without any intermediary. Since the beginning of this action, dozens of orphans have been sponsored directly in this way, and different emergency aid campaigns have been conducted after the latest massacre; pictures of these events are presented below.

  • Distribution of food parcels during the Gaza massacre

  • Distribution of hot meals during the Gaza massacre

  • Distribution of financial aid to orphans right after the cease-fire in Gaza

  • Pictures of Eid celebration for the children of Gaza and distribution of gifts 

  • Immolation of sheep and beef for Eid Al-Adha in Gaza 

  • Distribution of blankets this winter to 200 families in Gaza

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