dimanche 9 février 2014

"Mourir de faim à Yarmouk, dans l’indifférence générale" / Starving in Yarmouk camp in general indifference" (21)

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In Yarmouk, surviving a siege starts with a piano

فرقة شباب مخيم اليرموك المتطوعين يعرفون عن أنفسهم 1\2\2014

Photos .. DRAH Participates events in solidarity with Yarmouk Refugee Camp

فعاليات طلابية للتضامن مع اليرموك 7

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Yarmouk, the refugee camp that shames the world 

Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees trapped in a Syrian camp by the war are enduring appalling conditions that ought to concern all of us. Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the UN relief effort, says humanitarian aid must be stepped up

Yarmouk refugee camp
Crowds wait to be allowed across the frontline at Yarmouk to reach the area where the UN distributes aid. Photograph: UNRWA

Khaled, aged 14 months, is recovering well after being treated for a severe form of malnutrition known as kwashiorkor. Photograph: UNRWA

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