lundi 19 novembre 2018

Israeli Supreme Court Rules to Evict 40 Palestinians in Jerusalem

La Cour suprême "israélienne" décide d'expulser 40 Palestiniens, à Jérusalem

40 Palestinian family members will be forced into homelessness, following an Israeli Supreme Court decision to evict them from their homes. The ruling also sets a precedent that will likely result in the

US warns of ‘consequences’ as Palestine joins international bodies

Les Etats-Unis mettent en garde contre les "conséquences" de l'adhésion de la Palestine à des instances internationales


The United States has threatened “consequences” as Palestinians step up efforts for statehood demanding accession to almost a dozen international bodies and conventions.

Germany: All Refugees Should Go Home Except Palestinians

Allemagne: Tous les réfugiés devraient rentrer chez eux, à l'exception des Palestiniens

It German activist Lejeune wondered why the Palestinians are not told that their country is their future.

An ad was posted in metro stations in Germany calling for refugees from all nationalities to voluntarily go home except the Palestinians.

The criminalization and censorship of Palestinian solidarity on campus

La criminalisation et la censure de la solidarité palestinienne sur le campus

Poster for the 2018 National Students for 
Justice in Palestine conference at UCLA.

Last week, I was asked to speak in a classroom alongside someone from StandWithUs. Apparently, the professor was going by a recommendation to have me as a discussant, to possibly provide the

Palestine forum: We must fight normalisation with Israel

Forum Palestine: nous devons lutter contre la normalisation avec "israël"

Workshops, panel discussions and awards ceremonies were held in the Turkey's Istanbul to launch the Palestine Media Forum's three-day event

Chief Editor of the Anadolu Agency Metin Mutanoglu at the Palestine
 Media Forum on 18 November 2018 [Jehan Alfarra/Middle East Monitor]

Some 800 international journalists and students came together in Istanbul, Turkey, today to take part in the first day of a media training and awareness programme to create awareness of the Palestinian cause in the news.
Participants, who came from across the world, took part in workshops, discussions and panel talks as

Top Hamas leader receives South African envoy in Gaza

Un haut responsable du Hamas reçoit l'envoyé sud-africain à Gaza

The head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Hanyia has received South Africa’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Ashraf Suliman in his office in Gaza and discussed the latest developments

In Hollywood, the stars are out for the Israeli army

À Hollywood, les stars sont de sorties pour l'armée "israélienne"

Pharrell Williams performs "Happy" at the Friends
 of the IDF fundraiser in Beverly Hills. By Katie Miranda

When it comes to the profession of liberal values in Hollywood, Israel is still the exception.

The actor Gerard Butler refused to go to Saudi Arabia after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. But meanwhile he did attend a gala for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces that raised $60 million,

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Takes On Israel In Us + Them Tour

Roger Waters, de Pink Floyd, prend "israël" en tournée avec nous + eux

During his latest Us + Them tour in South America, the British rock star stands against Israel as part of a campaign launched by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

Khashoggi killing prompts Washington Post to publish report in Arabic

Le meurtre de Khashoggi incite le Washington Post à publier son rapport en arabe

The American newspaper The Washington Post has surprised the world again by publishing an Arabic report on details the US intelligence agency has revealed about involvement of Saudi Crown

Khashoggi case highlights the value of strategic restraint

L'affaire Khashoggi souligne la valeur de la retenue stratégique
Iranian leaders have been eagerly watching Saudi Arabia grapple with the fallout from the journalist's murder. However, any attempt to profit from the situation would be foolish and counterproductive

Marco Carnelos

Debate continues over the possible geopolitical consequences of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, including the possibility that it has impacted the US-Israeli-Saudi strategy to counter Iran.

I demand an investigation of Moshe Feiglin under the law for preventing genocide

Je demande une enquête sur Moshe Feiglin en vertu de la loi sur la prévention du génocide

Moshe Feiglin

On Thursday, Moshe Feiglin, a rightwing political figure, went on Channel Two in Israel and explained to broadcaster Udi Segal his plan for the Gaza Strip: ethnically cleansing it, and those who

Why the West's World War One carve-up is still unfinished business

Pourquoi la scission de la première guerre mondiale de l'Occident reste une affaire inachevée
Decisions taken in London and Paris during and immediately after the global conflict are continuing to have momentous consequences in the Middle East region

Mark Curtis

One hundred years ago this month, the guns of the European powers may well have fallen silent after four years of war. But in the Middle East, many of those same powers were creating the conditions